What is Certain? Taxes and Divorce

Taxes and Divorce

Tax consequences follow every decision made in a divorce, settlement agreement, or marital dispute resolution, often for many years. Whether there is a divorce, annulment, separate maintenance agreement, or dissolution, taxes need to be considered in making informed choices. Even when the choices are limited, knowledge of the tax problems created by the divorce may help achieve a better settlement.

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Discriminate Unemployed In Hiring?

On behalf of Barron Law Corporation posted in Employment Law on Thursday, September  8, 2011

Last month, we wrote about the growing trend of alleged discrimination against the unemployed in hiring practices. Specifically, we discussed a recent report from the National Employment Law Project (NELP) in which the agency identified 73 businesses that stated in job postings that job applicants must be currently employed to be considered for the position. Since then, labor advocates have decried the practice as employment discrimination, and have urged employers to change their hiring goals.

In a recent radio interview, President Obama came down firmly on the side of labor advocates, stating that discriminating against the unemployed in hiring “makes absolutely no sense.” He noted that, in today’s shaky economy, many people are unemployed as a result of a lay-off and not because they underperformed or otherwise deserved to be fired. Refusing to hire or even consider them for employment simply because of their employment status is not fair, he said.

In response to the recent NELP report, several Democrats in the U.S. Congress have proposed new laws that would make it illegal to discriminate against unemployed people when making hiring decisions. Because federal employment laws only prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age or disability, the proposed legislation would create a new sort of ‘protected class’ for unemployed job applicants.

It remains to be seen whether that legislation will become law. Until then, labor advocates have created several petitions asking Monster.com to stop allowing employers to post job ads if they discriminate against the unemployed. So far, those petitions have had little success.

Source: Huffington Post, “Obama: Discrimination Against Jobless ‘Makes Absolutely No Sense’,” Arthur Delaney, Aug. 30, 2011

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Inherited IRA Accounts and Bankruptcy

If you have a client who has inherited an IRA account, the link below provides interesting information on recent, persuasive, judicial decisions as to how an inherited IRA Account might be treated in a Bankruptcy proceeding.


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Google +1 Link Networking for Lawyers

Networking is the KEY to a successful law Practice either as a Solo Practitioner, or in any capacity as a legal professional. Networking provides clients, speaking engagements, and referrals to name a few. One simple, and successful, method to expand your legal networking capacity is to SHARE the BUTTONS on your Blog. You will want to pay close attention to the Google +1 Share Button on your Blog. This button will advertise to Google Search Engines your approved status by other viewers. As a result, your blog or website that contains this button, once it’s been clicked by viewers, will list said blog or website near the top of the lists in a google search.

How to add the Google +1 button to your blog/website? Simply find your settings link on your blog or website and click on the sharing link. The Google +1 link should be listed or you can search for it and add it.  Easy, peezy.

Try it you’ll like it.

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